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So much is going on in the world of Mary Hedez and rapper Swish Pta. From creative collaborations and side projects, to career developments and musical updates, you’ll want to be the first to know what goes on in the life of this hardworking team and talented professionals. Here you will find all of the latest news surrounding music carrier, 5starz music & projects.

and how the Tanzanian African Singer Rayvanny Robe Scam 5starz Charity Organization (Mary Hedez Charity Organization). (Link )Explore the site now to join in on all the action. (Link)

Welcome to the official page of  Mary Hedez Music. Here is where you can check out the trailer, learn about what happened behind the scenes of 

and how the Tanzanian African Singer Rayvanny Robe Scam 5starz Charity Organization (Mary Hedez Charity Organization). (Link )Explore the site now to join in on all the action. (Link)

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Life is a staircase where we trust ourselves out into discomfort in to chaos and then amidst the storm we’re forced to grow we step into the shoes we were once unable to fill and what was once bigger than us is now normal it’s everyday it’s ordinary because we fought for it we pushed ourselves through that’s  evolution but now guess what that old ceiling has become the floor it’s time to evolve it’s time for the next step in the staircase it’s time to thrust ourselves back  into the chaos of life so that we can again tame something bigger than us. Take the next intimidating thing and make it commonplace and as I am writing this am founding myself to be at the next step ready to leap out again into the tumultuous winds of life but this time it feels different.

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Listen Up!

Once you listen to the latest single release "Dynasty" from Mary Hedez & Rapper Swish Pta, it will be impossible to forget. This song simple tune offers a sound that will instantly transport you to another world. Take a listen and if you like what you hear, comment and share.

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Listen to the newest releases of Mary Hedez "Romantic" Ep & "Going Overseas (Fair Enough)" 

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Lino Paul RichBwoy Yoga

Mary Hedez & Lino Paul

Music is about emotion and honesty. Whether it’s an inspiring rhythm or a heartfelt rhyme, Mary Hedez & Lino Paul have embraced their uniqueness on this amazing song story combining soaring harmonies with quotable lyrics. Listen now to understand what all the hype is about. Then comment and share with other fans. “ALELE” stream now!

Stream now on Apple Music, Spotify & YouTube

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all my work

Mary Hedez & RichBwoy Yoga

Mary Hedez has many music collaborations. You’ll never be left behind with all the latest Mary Hedez projects & music news compiled in one place. All latest releases—stay in the know with this regularly updated news section.

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Mary Hedez & Daniel Thunder

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The road to this moment wasn’t an easy one there were thoughts when you thought, there were times where you thought you knew simple didn’t, there were plans made that drastically differed from the ones fate had prepared, there were days that made you question yourself your believes that made you ask what is my purpose but to live is to felt these things.

Keep taking steps because one day the world will start to make sense and you’ll look around and you will be thankful for one thing that when most would have stopped you didn’t. When the world said no,  you said yes. There is nothing so powerful as a soul that refuses to back down see persistence is not an important thing or an essential thing it’s everything. So live as to see not what can be lost but what will be gained find that light in the darkness even if it’s a flicker even if it’s a spark see every lost makes you a little tougher. And every instance of sadness, uncover something beautiful, every moment of fear, teach you to be a little braver, every broken heart opens the door to a new connection. Instead of doubting yourself feeling inadequate in life’s darkest  moments. Know that you need what you are going through. You are uncovering the little victories hidden in plain view so when the world feels like to much and your patience is thin be stronger than that voice in your head begging you to think small stand on every experience the good and the bad let it elevate you to a beautiful tomorrow. 

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